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5 Ways To Make Extra Cash This Summer

Summer seems to be the time that we feel the brunt of being on a tight budget. It is especially difficult when you have to watch all of your friends and coworkers take their vacations while you stay at home. Here are five ways that you can make extra cash this summer and maybe take […]

Tips For Talking To Your Kids About Money Habits

It is often difficult or inconvenient to talk to your children about spending and other money habits. No matter what your reasons are, you are robbing your children of a group of life lessons that they will need every bit as much as learning to avoid drinking and driving. Here are a few tips to […]

Little Known Facts About Credit Cards

Whether you are new to a credit card company or have had the same account open for decades, there may be a few secrets that the card still holds. Sure, you looked over the interest rate, penalties, and fees like we all know to do, but here are a few things you may not have […]

Is There Such A Thing As Good Debt?

The common perception is that some debts are good and some are bad. In reality, there is no such thing as good debt. There is only acceptable debt and bad debt. Here are a few examples of each so that you can determine what your debt load consists of. Acceptable debt is any debt with […]

5 Easy Ways To Save Money Every Day

Frugal living and being financially fit go hand in hand. That does not mean you have to be as miserly as Scrooge or never get to treat yourself. If you are conscious of money each day, you can afford to splurge from time to time. Here are five quick and easy frugal habits that you […]

Drowning In Student Loans? Help May Be On The Horizon

It is estimated that current and former students owe over $1 trillion in student loans. $250 billion of that is currently delinquent. Talk about a disturbing number. That locks many people out of mortgages and other loans that could sustain a robust economy. One congressman has proposed a bill that could offer some much needed […]

3 Surprising Ways To Drop Your Credit Score

Everyday actions can affect your credit score. These actions may seem innocent enough and can actually be in your best interest in the long run, but still hurt your credit score. Call them quirks of the FICO system or what you will, here are three surprising things that can drop your credit score. Disputing a […]